Marcel Bohnert

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Working through burdened history

of post genocidal Rwanda


First edition (Publication 2008)

Roderer-Publishing, Regensburg, Germany


ISBN: 978-3-89783-621-1


80 pages, appendix with maps and pictures, German language, Soft cover


18,90 €


When examining the bloodiest chapter of early African history – the genocide in Rwanda – no words can be found to adequately report the gruesome occurrence. The magnitude of massacres executed in Rwanda is beyond human imagination. The people of Rwanda have the major task to live with the memory of that genocide. In connecting with the genocide you will be confronted with brutal and inhumane incidents that may alter your current way of thinking and forever change your view of humankind.

The ethical discussion about proper handling of the history and guilt of Rwanda is the central topic of this paper. After introducing the historical context of Rwanda and the course of genocide, a scientific case study is performed. From the study, national and international responsibilities can be gathered. After introducing the situation of survivors, the policy of dealing with issues of the past, and the plan for ethnic reconciliation, a legal discussion about the genocide is added. Lastly, the previous steps are evaluated and impacts on the current and future situation of Rwanda are discussed.



The author is German Mechanized Infantery Officer and studied at the University of the Armed Forces Hamburg/Helmut-Schmidt-University as well as the Central Connecticut State University/New Britain/USA. He is Ph.D. candidate and a United Nations Military Observer as well as United Nations Staff Officer.



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